A License to Greatness

Annual Membership provides Leader in Me Schools with a content license and key resources that ensure every school experiences transformational results.

With Annual Membership, all schools can achieve greatness as they:
✓ Onboard new staff in Leader in Me.
✓ Develop leadership skills in students.
✓ Align with new district initiatives.
✓ Sustain school culture.
✓ Achieve schoolwide goals.
✓ Build Lighthouse Team capacity.
✓ Expand principal leadership capabilities.
✓ Engage parent and community support.
✓ Inspire personal growth in staff.

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Achieve Sustainable Results

Annual Membership helps schools achieve measurable results in leadership, culture, and academics year after year.

Annual Membership Includes:

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Receive onsite support to help your school achieve measurable results each school year by aligning your most important initiatives with the Leader in Me Framework. Features include Principals Development, Lighthouse Coordinator Development, New Staff Development, and Coaching Sessions for everyone.


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Leader in Me Online

Take advantage of exclusive Web-based training, resources, networking, and ongoing support available to the Leader in Me School Community with exclusive access to www.theleaderinmeonline.org. Features include Leader in Me Weekly, Student Leadership Guides/Journals, The First 8 Days, Illustrated Stories, 4DX Reader’s Theater, 7 Habits of Happy Kids Videos, MRA, and more.

Leader in Me Online

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FranklinCovey IP License

The intellectual property license authorizes schools to implement the Leader in Me process. This authorization allows schools to use the trademarked principles, concepts, models, and images within their learning community, including those from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®: Signature Edition 4.0, and other leadership content. This license also allows for the creation of lesson plans and activities, graphic displays, original songs, t-shirts, and other works based on FranklinCovey’s intellectual property to be used with students, staff, and parents. (These works may not be resold.)

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Leader in Me Implementation

With Annual Membership, Leader in Me is installed through a process of staff training and development.

During the initial stages of implementation, schools install Leader in Me during a three-to-four year process by fully immersing staff and students in a Framework of new paradigms and behaviors. In order to facilitate student acclimation to Leader in Me, educators and staff must know how to teach, model, and communicate the value and potential of every student.
Staff Development

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Lighthouse Certification

Coaches work with schools to achieve the Lighthouse Milestone award of excellence.

The Lighthouse School Certification recognizes high-performing Leader in Me Schools that serve as exemplars to others schools as well as the community by achieving excellent results in teaching leadership principles, creating a culture of leadership, and aligning academic systems with larger goals.

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