Educating the Whole Child

Establish a whole-child mindset with a belief that every student has genius and everyone can be a leader.

Leader in Me provides elementary schools with a model and process that address common challenges unique to students at this age. Many influences can affect a child’s academic success including physical, mental, social, economic, safety, and more. Staff members at Leader in Me Schools are empowered to create a nurturing environment that addresses whole-child education with five (5) Core Paradigms. These paradigms influence the behavior of staff, students, and families.
5 Core Paradigms 

Martin PetitJean

Martin PetitJean

Philadelphia Schools

Philadelphia Schools

Two Sisters

Two Sisters

Created By Educators, for Educators

Leader in Me started with a small group of passionate educators and continues to be adopted and shaped by a global community.

After receiving community feedback to improve her failing school in 1999, A.B. Combs Elementary principal Muriel Summers integrated Baldridge quality tools, the 7 Habits, and several other educational best practices to create a leadership model for her school. Since implementing this leadership model, A.B. Combs has been twice named the #1 Magnet School in America. Since then, Leader in Me has been implemented by thousands of schools worldwide and continues to evolve based on feedback from a global community of educators.

Our Story

Transform School Culture

Leader in Me is a framework that helps schools achieve results by influencing behaviors and paradigms.

More than just another program, Leader in Me serves as the foundational operating system that integrates seamlessly into each school’s unique priorities, initiatives, and culture. When implemented with excellence, Leader in Me redefines what it means to be a high performing school in the 21st century. This new definition of school greatness is represented in three overlapping circles: leadership, culture, and academics.

What is Leader in Me? Topics of Impact

Student Development

Students find their voice in the classroom and through school leadership roles by learning and applying life-ready leadership skills.

Children at Leader in Me Schools thrive in a nurturing environment when they feel safe, confident, and loved by teachers and other staff members. By recognizing each child as a leader with unique gifts and talents to share, all aspects of their education begin to flourish.
Student Development Student Leadership Guides

Leader in Me shows the leadership we need to transform education is not outside our schools, but within them and especially the students themselves.

– Sir Ken Robinson, International Advisor on Education and New York Times Best-Selling Author

Staff Development

Both administrators and staff participate in training workshops for personal improvement and professional learning opportunities.

Teachers can often lose sight of why they became an educator because of the systems and pressures related to academic performance. Leader in Me educators rediscover their true passion for teaching by bringing the whole-child back into focus. Leader in Me gives educators purpose and direction as they reconnect with this labor of love.

Staff Development

Family Development

Training workshops and other resources are available to help parents or guardians develop life-ready leadership skills at home.

During the tender years of early childhood development, parents are eager to discover anything that can help give their kids an advantage in life. Leader in Me offers families a powerful framework that aligns to the same principles being taught at school. More than just helping children finish their homework, families collaborate with the school to develop important leadership skills in children like motivation, self-directed learning, confidence, and working well with others.
Family Development

Annual Membership

Become a Leader in Me School

Schools begin Leader in Me implementation with the annual membership license and installation process that provides training, coaching, and access to online resources.

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