Leader in Me Process Map

Explore the process map, which outlines professional training and development for staff during each level of implementation and the ongoing benefits of Annual Membership.

Inspiring Professional Development

Empower staff with world-class personal- and professional-development opportunities.

During the initial stages of Leader in Me implementation, all staff become united through a new leadership culture that is supported by the 5 Core Paradigms. Administrators and staff participate in training workshops for personal improvement and professional learning that provide time for reflection, renewal, and envisioning a future guaranteed to achieve results.

5 Core Paradigms

The training has made my life better. I’m now teaching my own child at home about living the 7 Habits.

-Shalonda Garfield, Vice Principal at East Rochester High School
Staff development leadingresultstraining

Leading Results™

One-Day Training | Staff Launch Team(s) Invited

Gain a new leadership paradigm and learn foundational concepts that lead to successful schoolwide implementation of Leader in Me.

Teaching Teachers the 7 Habits

7 Habits® 4.0

Two-Day Training | All Staff Invited

Renowned as the world’s premier personal-leadership development solution, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®: Signature Edition 4.0 aligns timeless principles of effectiveness to educators both—personally and professionally.

About the 7 Habits7 Habits 4.0 Training

I now walk by my mission statement every day and I look at that and think, ‘Are you living that? If you’re not, what do you need to change?’

– Sonya Blankenship, Assistant Principal at Swain County High School

Leading Culture™

One-Day Training | All Staff Invited

Empower students to create a culture of leadership and improve their learning environment.

Staff leadingacademics

Leading Academics™

Optional Training

Explore a variety of optional training workshops to develop staff members, based on top priorities for high school teachers and administrators.

Staff leaderinme highschool

More Training and Development

Annual Membership provides ongoing training and development to help Leader in Me Schools achieve sustainable results.

As a licensed Leader in Me School, administrators and staff benefit from continual one-on-one Coaching Sessions that help schools achieve measurable results. In addition, schools can select a variety of optional training workshops and targeted Coaching Sessions based on their specific needs, ensuring personalized, curated learning opportunities on every topic.

Annual Membership

Coaching Sessions

Core Coaching Sessions are included with an Annual Membership and help align the implementation of Leader in Me to the school’s top priorities.

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Leader in Me Online

Take advantage of exclusive Web-based training, resources, networking, and ongoing support available to the Leader in Me community.

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