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Achieve Measurable Results

Together, educators and coaches can tailor Leader in Me to specific needs by identifying, measuring and achieving Wildly Important Goals®.

Below are a few of the measurable results schools can achieve by applying The 4 Disciplines of Execution® (4DX®) with a certified FranklinCovey Coach during annual planning sessions.

About 4DXTopics of Impact

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✓ Student Behavior

✓ Staff Social/Emotional
and Teaching Readiness

✓ Student Leadership

✓ Family Engagement



✓ Staff or Student Attendance

✓ Supportive School Environment

✓ Student Engagement

✓ Staff Satisfaction



✓ Reading Proficiency

✓ Math Proficiency

✓ Teaching Efficacy

✓ Student-Led Learning


Learning and Implementation Cycle

Coaches use the powerful principles of 4DX to introduce new concepts and ensure behavior changes naturally occur.

A great plan achieves great results when individuals have the knowledge and skills to bring it to life. Coaches connect with teachers, staff, and administrators as they help develop deeper understanding about Leader in Me principles, equip them with the tools to put the learning into practice, and allow everyone time to celebrate results in a cycle of continuous learning and improvement.

Teaching Teachers the 7 Habits

Regional 7 Habits® 4.0

2-Day Training | New Staff Invited

7 Habits of Highly Effective People®: Signature Edition 4.0 is the world’s premier personal-leadership development solution that aligns timeless principles of effectiveness with—educators both personally and professionally. Regional 7 Habits® training is a transformative way to help schools within a community assist new staff members in learning the fundamental principles and paradigms of a Leader in Me School. Coaches deliver this workshop each year to schools (within the same district, in the area, etc.).

7 Habits

Leader in Me Framework

The Leader in Me Framework is the ultimate guide for every coach and identifies the highly effective practices required to achieve greatness.

Leader in Me Framework

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Coaching for High School

Narrow your focus for schoolwide effectiveness with Coaching Sessions that address topics that help high schools achieve specific, measurable results.

College readiness high school

Student Readiness

Coaching Session

Included with implementation

Lay the foundation for adopting new paradigms and better practices to help staff collectively adopt and present new ideas, habits, and attitudes that prepare students for college, career, and life-readiness.

Professional Learning

Coaching Session

Included with implementation

Ensure all staff members are aware of and encouraged to participate in professional development opportunities.

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Student Voice

Coaching Session

Included with implementation

Help every student feel a sense of belonging and purpose and allow them to discover unique gifts and talents that will make a difference in their learning communities.

Life readiness course

Leadership Environment

Coaching Session

Included with implementation

Establish an empowering leadership environment where students feel able to contribute to making their school a place of productive learning.

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Achieving Goals

Coaching Session

Included with implementation

Introduce 4DX to staff and students as a formula for achieving personal, class, and schoolwide goals.

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Empowered Learning

Coaching Session

Included with implementation

Share the responsibility of the learning process by enabling students to lead their own learning in collaborative, peer-led ways.

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