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Discovering Leader in Me Student Leadership Guides

Join students in learning, teaching, and applying the leadership principles found in this K–6 Leadership Series.

Thirty-eight lessons are covered in each grade level, featuring:

  • An emphasis on leadership skills such as decision making, problem solving, public speaking, critical and creative thinking, and more.
  • Direct teaching of key concepts associated with the 7 Habits®.
  • A gradual release of content, moving from “I do it,” to “We do it,” to “You do it.”
  • Links to videos, handouts, and supplemental stories at Leader in Me Online.

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7 Habits for Kids

7 Habits® Training for Students

7 Habits training for staff is a critical part of implementation. Likewise, Student Leadership Guides teach the 7 Habits to students with equal importance.

This series teaches students the same essential principles teachers learn in 7 Habits training, with content and examples geared specifically toward young teens. Each level addresses key leadership concepts, ensuring a year’s worth of lessons designed to help every student engage and participate in their school’s leadership culture.

The 7 Habits key concepts can be integrated into just about any subject or activity—during class lessons, at assemblies, in morning announcements, Family Nights, or at extracurricular events, ensuring a culture of leadership is woven into every aspect of a student’s learning community.

7 Habits of Happy Kids7 Habits

Designed by Teachers, for Teachers

Student engagement and interaction is central to the instructional design of Leader in Me.

Each lesson in Leader in Me has been designed by teachers, for teachers. Individual and group work, regular assessments, and digital content work together to provide an engaging learning experience for students with a variety of learning styles.

Teacher's empowering students to be leaders

Student Development

Develop life-ready students by integrating the 7 Habits and 4DX® into daily school routines.

Leader in Me provides schools with a model to help foster life-ready leadership skills by creating a leadership culture. Learn how Leader in Me helps schools develop students for success, both—academic and otherwise.

Student Development

Illustrated Leadership Stories

Teachers can help students deepen their understanding of various leadership principles using more than 50 illustrated stories found in Leader in Me Online.

Leader in Me Online

How the Lessons Are Organized

Each level of the series covers 38 key leadership concepts with age-appropriate lesson materials organized into three categories: “Leading Self”, “Leading Others”, and “More Ways to Lead”.

Lessons should be taught over two consecutive grade levels in order to cover all concepts outlined below. Students grow with our unique content in a six-year scaffold plan as leadership principles and application practices build upon each other in subsequent grade levels. The lessons are flexible and teachers can either follow a weekly schedule or create their own based on the present needs of students.


Leading Self

Kindergarten and Levels 2, 4, and 6

Take Initiative
Choose Your Weather
Stop and Think
Circle of Control
Set Goals
Make a Plan
Saying No to Less Important Things
Roles and Goals

Levels 1, 3, and 5

Proactive Language
Be Responsible
Transition Person
Personal Mission
Think Ahead
Clear Expectations
Consider Consequences Plan Weekly
Big Rocks
Quadrant 2 Living

Leading Others

Kindergarten and Levels 2, 4, and 6

Win-Win or No Deal
Emotional Bank Accounts
Courage and Consideration
Seek First to Understand
Listen with Eyes, Ears, and Heart
Public Speaking
Celebrate Differences

Levels 1, 3, and 5

Interdependent Living
Abundance Mentality
Win-Win Solutions
Emotional Bank
“I” Messages
Attentive Listening
Don’t Prejudge Others
Barriers to Synergy
Optimizing Strengths
3rd Alternatives

More Ways to Lead

Kindergarten and Levels 2, 4, and 6

Hard Work
Be a Model
Quality Work
Helping Others Lead

Levels 1, 3, and 5

Find Your Voice
Problem Solving
Global Awareness
Critical Thinking
Public Speaking
Interviewing Skills

Leader in Me Online Videos

Teachers can enhance classroom discussion and teach leadership principles by sharing the more than 50 award-winning videos found exclusively in Leader in Me Online, including The 7 Habits of Happy Kids cartoon series.

Leader in Me Online

Ordering Student Leadership Guides

Student Leadership Guides are only available to licensed Leader in Me Schools through Annual Membership.

Schools can visit Leader in Me Online to access digital versions of both student and teacher materials, or purchase a printed copies through a local FranklinCovey representative.

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