Build equity for all students by becoming more self-aware, holding high expectations, and building authentic relationships.

Fifty years of research has consistently found that teacher expectations and their related instructional practices significantly impact students’ academic performance and overall life outcomes This workshop creates a safe space for participants to explore questions like:

  • How do we form expectations of our students?
  • How do my behaviors communicate my expectations?
  • How do these behaviors impact students?

Learning Recovery Workshops


Academics 1

Develop the mindset, knowledge, skills, and tools needed to close the proficiency gap at the school level.

Academics 2

Develop a predictive and influenceable system to close the proficiency gap.

Culture of Belonging

Strengthen classroom and school practices to create opportunities for all students to achieve excellent outcomes.

Neuroscience Backed Wellness

Better manage stress and increase resilience by tapping into the science behind how the brain works.

Empowering Instruction

The deepest and most powerful learning happens through active engagement with content coupled with reflection.

Engaging with Goal Achievement

Equip administrators, staff, and students with a powerful, proven framework for goal achievement.

Family Engagement

Increase family engagement with breakthrough thinking and tools to elevate your school’s performance.

Customize Your Impact Journey Experience

  • Modality:
  • Live Onsite
  • Live Online
  • On Demand





Academic Action Team, Coordinator, and Principal

Alignment to Leader in Me Framework

Starts with adult learning and modeling, new and ongoing staff learning, physical environment, empowering instruction, social-emotional learning, and student voice.

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