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Leader in Me Online is full of resources to help teach students, develop staff, engage parents, and achieve measurable results.

Leader in Me Online is only available through Annual Membership and serves as an ever-growing hub full of resources to support educators throughout the implementation process. Features include:

Leader in Me Weekly ✓ The First 8 Days
✓ Student Leadership Guides (PDFs) ✓ Lighthouse Team Resources
✓ Illustrated Leadership Stories ✓ Online Coaching Modules
7 Habits of Happy Kids Videos ✓ Lighthouse School Progress
✓ Leadership Notebook Resources ✓ Measurable Results Assessment (MRA)
7 Habits Lesson Plans 7 Habits of Successful Families Resources
✓ 7 Habits Booster Modules ✓ Family and Parent Night Resources
✓ Staff Development Videos ✓ Online Leader in Me Community
✓ 4DX Reader’s Theater ✓ E-Modules for Staff


Leaderinmeonline 7habits

7 Habits Signature® Training

Continue to learn and apply the 7 Habits with this series for staff.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® training allows staff to deepen their understanding of training they’ve received. Leader in Me Online offers Web-based structured outlines and videos that provide great opportunities for discussion about key principles of the 7 Habits without having to leave school grounds or schedule a visit from a FranklinCovey presenter. With an Accountability Partner, staff can pair up to help each other continue to improve and apply timeless principles of effectiveness at work and at home.

Training Options For New Staff Included in Membership

7 Habits on Demand
8 self-paced modules
Embedded participant guide
Learn at your own pace


7 Habits Webinar
1 day live virtual training
Offered several times throughout the school year
Delivery options: 3 segments of 1.5 hours each
4.5 hours total with 30 minute breaks between segments.


Recommended Upgrade Option

An on-location regional 7 Habits 2-day event.
Member schools receive a discounted rate, which includes the participant guide.

Leader in Me Weekly

This weekly series supports Leader in Me Framework already in place in the classroom, and is only available at Leader in Me Online with Annual Membership. Leader in Me Weekly provides licensed schools with helpful videos, articles, and classroom resources to inspire and support Leader in Me educators and the kids they teach.

New Principal and Coordinator Development Tracks

New Leader in Me Weekly Development Tracks help principals and Lighthouse coordinators grow in their unique roles with new learning and connections to other school leaders implementing Leader in Me. Our in-person community days and virtual sessions connect area principals and coordinators to one another, while new Special Editions and Online Learning Communities connect principals and coordinators to job-alike educators from across the globe around our world-class Leader in Me Weekly content.

Principal Development Track
1 In-person Community Learning Day
1 Virtual Learning Session
12 LiM Weekly Special Editions for Principals
Principal Academy Online
Online Learning Community and Resources for Principals


Coordinator Development Track
1 In-person Community Learning Day
1 Virtual Learning Session
12 LiM Weekly Special Editions for Coordinators
Online Learning Community and Resources for Coordinators


21st century skills for students


Student Leadership Guides K–6 (PDFs)

Find digital versions of student and teacher materials at Leader in Me Online.

Join students in learning, teaching, and applying the leadership principles found in this K–6 Leadership Series. Each level contains 38 lessons, featuring:

  • An emphasis on leadership skills such as decision making, problem solving, public speaking, critical and creative thinking, and more.
  • A direct teaching of key concepts associated with the 7 Habits.
  • A gradual release of content, that helps students progress from “I do it,” to “We do it,” to “You do it.”
  • Links to videos, handouts, and supplemental stories at Leader in Me Online.


Leaderinmeonline 7h happykids

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids Videos

Engage kids with fun animated videos designed for elementary school students.

There’s never a dull moment in 7 Oaks! Whether you’re playing soccer with Jumper Rabbit or planting a garden with Lily Skunk, all the friends are always having fun and learning something new. These seven animated videos show how applying the 7 Habits helps kids make good choices and discover new ideas.

Leaderinmeonline leadershipnotebooks

Leadership Notebook® Resources

Allow students to track their academic performance and goal setting.

Leadership Notebooks provide a place for students to keep their individual mission statements, notes about the 7 Habits, and personal reflections and highlights. It also helps them track their academic data, set goals, and consistently track progress on those goals, giving them the ability to “course-correct” at any time.
Through Leader in Me Online, educators can access downloadable resources including WIG planners, Accountability Partner forms, leadership-classroom checklists, leadership-role lists, and more.


Leaderinmeonline 7habitslessons

7 Habits® Lesson Plans

Integrate the 7 Habits in the classroom with detailed outlines.

Short in-class lessons help students to both discover the 7 Habits, and understand the key concepts within them. The more students are engaged in the learning process, the more they internalize the leadership content and apply it in their own studies. This internalization enables students to think critically, apply the habits in day-to-day situations, and move to the application, evaluation, and synthesis levels of Bloom’s taxonomy.

The 7 Habits lesson plan resources can help establish class mission statements, class leadership roles, and regular class discussions on leadership topics.


Leaderinmeonline 4dxreaderstheater

4DX® Reader’s Theater

Help students understand the 4 Disciplines with this animated story.

This story follows the Happy Kids as they participate in a 24-hour overnight race as part of Summer Camp. The two teams must use the 4 Disciplines of Execution® (4DX) to navigate and overcome the obstacles ahead of them, and their journey is detailed by an illustrated story for each of the 4 Disciplines. Each story is formatted as a reader’s theater, with 12 separate characters for students to read out loud.



Illustrated Leadership Stories

These fun and engaging Web-based stories are founded on life lessons that can be used to further teach and illustrate leadership concepts in a classroom discussion.

Leaderinmeonline leadershipstories

The First 8 Days Lessons for Teachers

The First 8 Days is a series of six PDF guides for Leader in Me teachers in Grades K–5. These lessons are designed to help start you get your school year off to a strong start in a way that will lead to measurable results.

Leaderinmeonline first8days
Leaderinmeonline professionaldevelopment

Professional Learning and Development Library

Engage staff with a vast library of videos for professional development.

Schools have access to an extensive selection of FranklinCovey’s award-winning leadership-development videos for use in staff meetings, classrooms, or for personal study. The videos highlight key Leader in Me principles designed to help staff continually improve.

Watch a Sample Video



Collaborate With Other Schools Online

Connect with other Leader in Me Schools to find solutions and discuss ideas.

Take part in an interactive community full of lesson plans, bulletin-board photos, videos, activities, literature connections, Leadership Event ideas, and other resources created by educators in Leader in Me Schools all over the world.

Leaderinmeonline families

Family Engagement

The 7 Habits of Successful Families® Resources

Staff can access training resources to teach The 7 Habits of Successful Families workshop to parents or guardians.

Family and Parent Night Resources

Parent Night resources help staff members present and distribute information for parents and community members wanting to learn more about Leader in Me.

Lighthouse Implementation Resources

Lighthouse is the standard for high-performing Leader in Me Schools.

Leader in Me implementation outlines simple paradigms, behaviors, and a path for staff to collectively achieve measurable results. In coordination with a Coach, administration and the Lighthouse Team can work together with help from supporting resources available through Leader in Me Online to address challenges and make improvements.

Lighthouse Team Resources

Lighthouse Rubrics, agenda outlines, action-planning templates, and guides for Leadership Days to support team members.

Online Coaching Modules

Coaching-module resources that address common challenges of Lighthouse Team members, administrators, and staff.

Lighthouse School Progress

Access to a central dashboard with data regarding the school’s progress toward achieving the Leader in Me Lighthouse Milestone.

Measurable-Results Assessment (MRA)

Use data to track schoolwide improvement for leadership, culture, and academics.

Each spring, schools are encouraged to invite staff, students, and parents to take the MRA as a way to measure the effectiveness of Leader in Me implementation and identify ways to improve in the coming year. The direct alignment between MRA measures and the Leader in Me Framework creates a data-informed, action-oriented improvement cycle dedicated to ensuring positive, transformative results.


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